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    JC-1019-B1 Specification

    1Basic parameters

     Operating Voltage

      Input voltage is AC220V, error of plus or minus 10%;
      The output voltage is DC12V, DC5V:

     Reference Standard

     GB GB/T17626.4--2008/IEC 61000-4-4:2004

     Product Type

     3 speed function control panel hood

     Product Use

     Hood function output control

     Product Type

    Switch: JC-1001-B6;

    Optional Motherboard: JC-1001-A7, lighting power supply is DC12V

    JC-1001-A1, lighting power supply is AC220V

    Two dimensions exactly the same motherboard

    With this information in JC-1001-A7 Motherboard Case

     Mounting Dimensions

     See photos

    2Function Description

    On power "bit" twice, no output.

    The power key is the master switch and delay key: In a wind speed running, the delay button operation to be valid, the default 2 minutes delay (delay period can switch gears, if you switch to neutral and no action within 5 seconds, then Late cancellation).

    Lighting: press once illuminated buttons, light output, then the Commissioner.

    low profile key: turn on the power button mode, press the Shift key once weak, low profile fan into work, and then turn it off.

    Middle key: in the open state of the power button, press the middle button once, the fan into the mid-range work, and then turn it off.

    Jiangdang key: turn on the power button of the state, according to a thing as a key, the fan into the thing as work, and then turn it off.

    3Mounting Dimensions

    Switch display panel
    Physical map

    Key Description Figure

    Mounting Dimensions

    JC-1001-A7Power board

    Power Board physical map

    Mounting Dimensions


    Physical map
    Long cable

    Short cable
    Cable size
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