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    H-28 Specification

    1Basic parameters



     Operating Voltage

    Operating voltage switch board main chip: +3.3 V - +5.5 V, +5 V DC voltage generally used as the standard operating voltage, error 5%

    Power board voltage: Input voltage AC 220V, output DC voltage +12 V and +5 V;

    +12 V DC voltage for the relay; +5 V DC voltage supply switch board controller chips work, the error is 5%

    Lighting voltage is AC220V

     Operating Current

     Switch board working current I Q 200mA
      Power board working current I Q 500mA


     See photos

    2Function Description

    1, Power key: enters the standby state .

    2 , fan + keys : power status, press the + key a second fan , then the fan a file has been opened , the power turned on simultaneously. 2nd press fan + key, then turn the fan 2 files , 3rd press fan + key, then turn the fan 3 files , then invalid.

    3, the fan - key : power state to 3-2-1-0-3 stalls in cycles .

    4 illuminated buttons : independent power button, can be individually turned on and off lighting.

    5 , smoke keys : power state, can be turned on and off smoke, smoke is sensed , the fan starts 80 seconds after the mid-range , delay start countdown one minute can be turned off midway smoke .

    Thermistor sensing temperature , the temperature reached 37.5 ( currently tentative ) for 10 seconds , the fan starts above ( smoke ) .

    Delay function: when the fan is running , press the power button to enter the delay state , the default delay time is 3:00 , the time delay, press the power button to end the delay , turn off the fan .

    Set delay time: delay time before normal operation , press the fan + - keys to add and subtract the number of minutes ( 1-30 minute cycle ) , long press the fan + - buttons to quickly add and subtract the number of minutes .

    Set YORK : In standby mode , press and hold the power button for 3 seconds , the buzzer sounds a tone , press fan + - keys to set the hour , press and quickly add and subtract . Press the power button , the right 88 blinking and the setting above, no operation 5 seconds or press the power button to exit.

    Remote control function

    ON / OFF: power button and delay function

    SPEED : fan +

    SPEED : Fan -

    TIMER: ( in fact, should be AUTO: Smoke key )

    LIGHT: Lighting

    3Dimension Data

    Switch display panel
    Physical map

    Key Description Figure

    PCB Layout

    Switch top view Dimensions

    Switch back top view

    Power board

    Power Board physical map

    PCB Layout



    Physical map



    Physical map

    PCB layout


    4All kinds of cable

    Power strip with switch cable between the display panel

    Lighting cable

    Fan cable

    Smoke cable

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