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    1003-B10 Specification

    1Basic parameters

     Operating Voltage

       Input voltage is AC110V - AC220V, error of plus or minus 10%;
      The output voltage is DC12V, DC5V:

     Reference Standard

     GB GB/T17626.4--2008/IEC 61000-4-4:2004

     Product Type

     3 speed function control panel hood

     Product Use

     Hood function output control

     Product Type


     Optional motherboard :1003-B10, lighting power supply is DC12V

     Mounting Dimensions

     See photos

    2Function Description

    Power key: up close and delay effects;

    Low key: Press the key low fan speed output, then the Commissioner;

    Medium speed: Press the speed key medium speed fan output, then the Commissioner;

    Speed??: Press the fan speed output speed key, then press the Commissioner;

    Lighting: Press keys are illuminated light output, then the Commissioner;

    3Dimension Data

    Switch display panel
    Physical map
    Key Description Figure


    Power board

    Power Board physical map

    Mounting Dimensions

    All kinds of cable

    Long cable

    Short cable
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