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    JC-6008-B1-12V Specification

    1Basic parameters



     Operating Voltage

    Operating voltage switch board main chip: +3.3 V - +5.5 V, +5 V DC voltage generally used as the standard operating voltage, error 5%

    Power board voltage: Input voltage AC 220V, output DC voltage +12 V and +5 V;

    +12 V DC voltage for the relay; +5 V DC voltage supply switch board controller chips work, error 5%

    Lighting voltage is DC12V

    Lifting motor operating voltage is DC12V

     Operating Current

     Switch board working current I Q 200mA
      Power board working current I Q 500mA


     See photos

    2Display board Function

    A power-on , the buzzer " drop" , back light , liquid crystal display "12:00 " , the backlight turns off after ten seconds of inactivity .

    2 , wind speed : Press the fan key to be opened by lifting motor travel is reached after the motor stops , the fan speed start , and then you can loop operation fan affordable high place.

    3 , illuminated buttons : You can independently control the opening and closing

    4 , set the key:

    Fan without opening the case , press the Set button can be set to GMT , illuminated buttons to adjust minute count up , count up wind speed button to adjust hour after setting 10 seconds to exit the setup , the normal display time. Press the Set button is the screen display is the time to blink , when the operating speed key or keys are illuminated screen time does not blink.

    In the case of the fan turned on , press the Set button to set the delay time , ranging from 1-60 minutes counting by setting the key itself to adjust the delay time , the normal display after 10 seconds delay countdown. Press the Setup key, the screen displays the time flashes , etc. counting adjust delay time screen time is not flashing.

    5 , cleaning key:

    Fan turned case, long press button for 3 seconds then rinse off the fans , lift motor to keep the original open state, then operate the fan key and set the key is considered invalid operation . Lighting can still open and close . At this point wind speed indicator goes off , LEDs, and power indicator light cleaning

    Fan turned off , long press cleaning button for 3 seconds , then lift electronic open while cleaning light is blinking, the power indicator light , lift motor in place after cleaning indicator light wind . To turn off the lift motor is required at this time hold the power button for 3 seconds.

    6 , the power button:

    In the case of the fan turned on , press the power button again will enter the default one minute delay state , the screen displays one minute countdown , alarm delay the final 10 seconds to start , " drip " , " drop" , , ,,,, after delay Close all function outputs simultaneously lifting the motor starts to turn off the alarm sound continues until the motor is completely closed ; press again to turn off all function outputs , one second after the motor starts to shut down

    In the case of the fan is not open , press the power key bits invalid operation , press the power button for 3 seconds then shut down the motor , if the lifting motor has always been turned off, then the detection of one second after the launch of the sampled voltage shutdown feature .

    3Remote Control Functions

    Off / Delay (POWER): In addition to other functions without long press the power button on the display panel functions the same

    Wind (FAN): wind speed with key function display panel

    Lighting (LAMP): with key function display panel lighting

    Cleaning (CLERN): Short press to achieve the same cleaning key function display panel

    Set (SET): with key function display panel settings

    4Dimension Data

    Switch display panel

    Physical map

    Key Description

    PCB Layout

    Switch box front cover Dimensions

    Switch box cover size

    Power board

    Physical map

    PCB Layout

    Case Dimensions


    Physical map

    Dimension Data


    Long cable physical map

    Long cable size

    Physical map of the short cable

    Short cable size

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